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Pepper sprays

We are one of the largest pepper sprays manufacturers in Europe. We supply our products to the civilian and law enforcement.

Why our Pepper Sprays?

We're official pepper spray supplier for polish law enforcement

Hundreds of hours spent on R&D to be sure our products meet users expectations

Wide range of canisters and stream options (jet, fog, gel). From small 40 ml canisters up to 550 ml.
Private labeling? Of course. Just send an inquiry.

terminator pepperspray


pepper spray producer 3.000.000 shu
gel, fog, jet pepper sprays
pepper spray producer with hygienic certificate
peper spray producer in Poland with military certificate

360° jet stream

100% efficiency in every position

Available in 40 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml models.

Up to 3.000.000 SHU

up to 2% of major capsanoicids

hot pepper spray poducer

360 degrees

works in every position

Military approved

quality check by military institute

Military Institute of Armament Technology in Zielonka Certificate

good pepperspray

Jet, Gel and Fog

3 different types of stream

jet fog gel pepperspray manufacturer

Hygienic Certificate

safe for people and enviroment

good pepperspray

From 40 ml to 550 ml

all capacity that meet your needs

pepper spray manufacturer
Pepperspray manufacturer poland

All our pepper sprays are proudly made in Poland

From Monday to Friday, 9AM – 4PM

They already tested and say...

We know that pepper sprays are not every day use products. We wish you not to be forced to use pepper spray at all, but when the situation comes, be sure your have the right gear for self defence.

The best pepper sprays we ever had.
- Mariusz B.
"Barton" Security Agency Owner
"I finally have no problems with stoned and drunk aggressors"
- "Deadpool"
Police officer
"I confirm. The 3.0 360° version is the high end product in pepper sprays division. "
Pepper spray review
- Jaroslaw G.
Security Guard
"It does the job"
Pepper spray review
- Krzysztof Sz.
Satisfied customer